What is Critical Incident Solution?

Critical Incident Solution™ is a custom designed security system, exclusive to Hudson Valley Security and Data, that was developed to save time and save lives. This system works in such a way that new or existing camera systems in any type of facility or building can directly interact with the local police station in the event of an emergency.

Critical Incident Solution™ is designed to enable existing camera systems to communicate directly with the local police station when a panic button or other integrated triggers are depressed. When this occurs, live video feed of that emergency is displayed at the central terminal in the nearest police station. There is no log in process as the system is designed to effectively display an animated touch screen map allowing the controller to find out what is going on and where it’s happening. This map displays each of the camera points in and around the vicinity to help them easily discover what is happening. From that point, the controller can then send that live feed out to the squad cars, which enables the first responders to better understand the situation and plan ahead before arriving at the scene. This systems assures us that the first responders aren’t entering a situation blindly anymore.

This system is most effective when installed on a dedicated circuit, which guarantees that bandwidth won’t be clogged up in the event of an emergency when people are actively using their data from their phones and computers.